7 Rules For Good Content Marketing

7 rules good content marketing

Good Content Marketing Has Rules

Of all the places where high-quality, engaging, and valuable content is crucial, a brand’s website tops the list. The question is how do you create an effective content marketing strategy that catches the eye of your target audience?

Good Content Marketing may not be as obvious as it may seem. As a content writer in the online blogging or online marketing scene, I am more than fully aware of the importance of… …you guessed it – Good Content Marketing.

Good Content Marketing starts with Good Content, and I mean UNIQUE good quality content. Content is King. The fastest way to get noticed by Google and your Subscribers is to provide great relevant content.

Content has been touted as king, queen, and every other kind royalty, and marketing departments are completely realigning their strategies to enhance the role of that it plays.

You may be a one man or one women advertising department to you blog or website. The key factor here is to not forget that whether you grow to a larger company, the rules still stand.

Make this your standard in everything that you produce in content, and the effects grow 10x fold through time.

Marketing Real Estate is similar as marketing any business or product online. The KEY to everything today is ATTENTION.You must be able to get in front of people and capture their Attention for any marketing to be effective.

I hope you enjoy this list.

Here are 7 basic rules for good content marketing.

1- Meaningful To The Reader

Meaningful content provides a way for people to connect to a subject that matters to them.

Meaningful content introduces new and original ideas.

Meaningful content shows new uses of media and helps mediums evolve. Digital media affords publishers the ability to tell stories that embrace the opportunities of the modern Internet.

Meaningful content causes the viewer to engage with and reflect on the content being presented.

2- Actionable

Remember and apply the most important tenet of content marketing: answer the questions your prospects and customers ask.

Instead of inviting people to sign up for your “e-mail Newsletter,” or your “blog posts” invite them to sign up for a specific piece of content delivered at a specific time.

Practice Appointment Consumption.

Think about content promotion first.
Most people create content first, then think about content promotion as an afterthought.

You’re much better off flipping this on it’s head – thinking of about who would help amplify your content and why.

If you can’t answer this question first, don’t bother creating it.

3-Sharable Content

Readers share content that reaches them in a personal and human way. Topics that discuss what we eat or how we live make up a huge portion of what we share online. The challenge for us to begin directing our own headlines in that direction. We need to help our readers imagine a better life!

(Here are a few examples on how to bridge the connection and create a more shareable blog post and increase your engagement.)

Existing Headline: Tax Tips for the Second Half of the Year (EMV 0%)
Higher EMV Score: Things You Should Do Right Now To Prepare For Tax Season (EMV 45%)

Existing Headline: How to Run Your Business from Your iPad (EMV 12.50%)
Higher EMV Score: How To Be Awesome At Business With Only Your iPad (EMV 40%)

4-Findable Content

This is really a big key to Google indexing your content and showing up on the first page of Google. The common name is “Search Engine Optimization” or SEO for short.

Do you have your H1 and H2 and H3 tags in every post? Is your post keyword rich? Do you have your ALT tags in the pictures? Do you have any pictures? Have you posted on Facebook or Twitter? Have you made an Instagram and Pinterest image and linked back to your blog post?

In other words, make a detailed plan of ALL the actions needed to get your content findable, and follow that road map every time.

5- Relevent To Your Niche Or Company

It’s easy to write about the things closest to you—your passions, ideas, pursuits and expertise.

But it can be a distraction, or even totally irrelevant to the audience you’re trying to reach. Sometimes, you’ve gotta stop throwing what you know and get back to customer pain points and questions


Your style of writing has a big influence on your readability.

Business blogs are typically very neutral, written in third person and dryer than a thesis paper.

When writing professional correspondences, this voice might be appropriate, but if you want to deliver more entertaining, interesting and engaging content, consider getting a little creative and don’t be afraid of inserting yourself into the conversation.

7- Consistent Offline And Online

Marketers can capitalize on that feeling of a seamless brand presence to drive a stronger interaction between online and offline channels.

What’s needed is a marketing system that integrates offline display promotions and print advertising with digital marketing such as paid ads, banners and social media posts

I hope this information was helpful for you.
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