9 Home Upgrades That Look Expensive

home upgrades

9 Home Upgrades That Look Expensive

Home Upgrades? Most of us out there in the real world, hate the thought of home upgrades, and are just trying to save a buck. It seems like when it comes to upgrading your home, though, you can’t keep money from flying out the door.

Let me help with some simple home tips that will keep your money where it should be—in your bank account.

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    Switch Out Those Switches!

    Adding some color to older switch plates will go a long way. Put some sassy in your home with pastel colors. Nothing says ‘old and tired’ than dirty switch plates, or worse dis colored cream color that borders on dirty brown.

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    Curtains For Every Bedroom

    Adding a curtain barrier can add some flare and illusory depth to your sleeping chambers.

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    Doll Up Your Bed

    Create a unique headboard for your bed. With some basic tools and some ‘elbow grease’, your local Lowe’s or Home Depot have basic plans that can be used to design and build a neat unique headboard.

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    Make A Canopy For Your Bed

    While we are here in the Master bedroom working on a headboard…Design a canopy for your bed. With some shower rods and material, a cool design is just hours away.


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    Get New Handles For Your Cabinets

    This suggestion has been around since cabinets have been installed in homes. It must be one of the most use tips there is, and for a GOOD REASON!  It is hands down the easist way to change the look of a kitchen.  Today there are so many options for cabinets hardware. A little investment will go a long way here.

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    Bad Floor - Bad, Bad Floor

    Do you still have linoleum flooring? Ewwww.  Or worse yet, some shag carpeting in the ‘yellow and green’ mixed color?  Gag. This may not be the least expensive upgrade, but it will be a game changer when finished. You will be amazed how ripping out the old flooring, cleaning the surface, and installing new flooring will change your home.

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    Look Up And Tell Me What You See

    Ceiling styles have changed over the years. Decorative tiles, shiplap styles, popcorn spackle, heavy spray overs. Some of the newer styles are going back to textured surface with a color that matches the decor. Here is an example.


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    Accent That Wall!

    You have so many choices in a room, when your canvas is a wall. Pastel colors can really pull together a theme in a room. Accent pieces, like antiques, or cable formed into patterns, can also accent a wall. Here is an example of a simple way to add color to a room.


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    Hide Those Wires And Look Good

    If there is one place that all your guests are looking at, it is your entertainment center. Your big screen is screaming to looked at. In modern homes, larer and larger TVs are being hung on walls with bracket systems found at Best Buy or Conn’s. But what to do with those nasty cables laying everywhere? No fear. A simple plastic tube and some innovation wins again.


There you have it. A quick list of easy ways to add some new flare to your home. There are so many ways to spend money, but I hope that my list gives you some inspiration to do a little work on the ‘castle’ and enjoy those summer parties with your friends coming over.

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