Are You Facing Foreclosure?

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How To Avoid Home Foreclosure!
Some Options That May Help You!

If you are facing a foreclosure, there may be options to negotiate a workout program with your lender.

Lenders usually will offer several options to a homeowner that is in default on their contractual obligations of a mortgage payment. They would much rather workout a program that is best suited for all parties involved then to come and take your house.

They are in the business of lender money, not managing properties. This is true even more today, with foreclosures at record highs, banks have been overloaded with homes that they must not manage and maintain until they are able to sell them to someone else.

To get help with a foreclosure you have to start by talking to your lender. Help is available if you are willing to workout a reasonable repayment plan with your lender, while this can sometimes be difficult, you may be able to save your home. They really do not want your house back.

Do Not Hide – Contact Them

The continuing flow of creditors and collections agencies calling you can be over whelming, while it may seem hopeless, you may have options. If bills are stacking up, it is time to make sure your most important asset is protected, your home.

The time that you have to negotiate a deal, is often very limited. In most states, a borrower that is in default 60 or more days is just about out of time. This period varies from state to state so make sure that you have checked your local laws.

Lenders can and will take legal action to foreclosure on your home if you are not talking to them.

Here are some possible solutions that you can offer to the lender to avoid foreclosure. While not all will be satisfactory to the lender, you can at least make the offer and let them tell you.

Reduced Payments

Lenders may be willing to take a reduced payment for a specific period, this will allow you to remain in the home and catch up the default amount over time. Some lenders will not allow you to do this, but it never hurts to try.

Short Sale

Lenders may let you sell the property for less then what they are owed on the loan. More and more lenders are allowing this type of transaction as they have realized that it costs them much more to pursue the foreclosure then if they just settle and take what they can get.

Payment Deferment

Some lenders may allow you to defer a payment or two, they tack the payments on the end of the loan and allow you time to catch up and stay current. This option is only just now beginning to become available as lenders are doing whatever they can to help avoid the foreclosure process.

While this article only covers a few options that may be available, check with your lender and try to work something out, it may keep you from losing you home in the process.

Keep in mind that a foreclosure will cost you money, even if you just walk away.

The impact on your credit is substantial and will hinder your borrowing power for years to come. Here is a link to the HUD Counseling Dept where you can get help on a foreclosure and your rights and options.

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There are options, but you must ACT and with a game plan.

I hope this article was of value to you.
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