Blog Post Content Engagement In 6 Easy Steps

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Blog Post Content Engagement in 6 Easy Steps

Hi there it’s Richard Womeldorf with another blog post about blog post content. What are the basic keys to great blog post content engagement? What do I need to keep in mind when building engaging blog post content… …that people will like and share?   Today I sat down and thought about those questions and here is my take on the problem. When you study how your readers and people on social networks interact with content online, it boils down to only 6 key items to successful blog post content engagement.

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    Dwell Time – The most critical part of a successful blog post is how long a person is on your blog post page and reading the content. Google calls this “Bounce Rate” and is measured by the second that someone clicks onto your blog post to the second they click away. That amount of time is called the “Bounce Rate” by Google, and it measures engagement – pure and simple.
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    Reading Time – Now the next best measure is the amount of “scrolling time” a reader is on your post. Not to be confused with “Bounce Rate”, it measures if the reader even scrolls and reads your blog post. Many read what they see in the browser window and bounce back out in seconds.
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    Comments on posts – This is real engagement in Google’s eyes. If your reader is moved to comment on your blog post, Google see that as quality and rewards the post. Caution must be taken by making sure that Spam Bots and “not so nice” people don’t abuse your Comment System. (There are plugins for this)
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    Links – Now many would say that building INBOUND LINKS is the key to more traffic with Google. Now in late 2014, and definitely in 2015, Google is really looking at a new measurement. This is called “Content Curation” and is the future to many quality blog posts here going forward. This means you must have Inbound and Outbound links in your post. Also using a “Silo Architecture” effect in your entire blog site helps with engagement and raking with Google.
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    Social Sharing – Now if the above key elements are in place, then you should get readers to engage even more and share your blog post. This is VERY valuable in Google’s eyes. When readers value you information so much as to share it with their friends, than you are on you way to creating traffic to your blog post.
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    Conversations – You now are at the point where a real conversation starts, or an online type forms. You must always have a way for a reader to sign up for your blog update list. You may also have a funnel with a phone number for them to call. What ever way you decide, you must capture an email or some information, so you can start building a relationship with your readers. Each one of the above Keys can be expanded into entire niche focused websites, they are that powerful in how Google values your blog. I hope you find this post valuable and hope you share with your network of friends.

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There is SO MUCH more on this subject, but for now, take this short report and act on it. You will learn that the BASICS are still working, if applied correctly. Blog post content is the MOST CRITICAL thing you need to get right, if you want to be seen by Google.

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