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Looking For Leads? – Then You Must Go Out And Play In The Traffic!

It took a long time getting your squeeze page built just the way you wanted it, right? Now, how can you get traffic? It’s the lifeblood of the Internet according to some. So, how do you go about getting it?

There are several ways to get traffic, actually, but not all of them may be right for you. Let’s explore the different ways of getting traffic in this post..

The first will be about blogging.

Blogging! You’re probably thinking, I can’t write. Well, yes you can! You don’t have to be Hemingway to start a blog. You can be a decent writer, know how to get a point across, and have a successful blog. Just be sure that people are passionate about your subject matter. If you aren’t, then you shouldn’t even have a squeeze page up and running. If nobody is searching for your keywords, what’s the point? But let’s say that you know they are and that you’re good to go.

Maybe you’re building a list around something rather unusual, like World War II Battleships. If you’re passionate about them, you’ve undoubtedly read lots of books about them, and may even have visited one or two. And let’s say you have pictures! How great is that? Now, you can put those up on your blog, and write a short paragraph about each one. One picture per blog post. Or, just give some great battleship trivia facts. If you write about something most battleship aficionados would know, then write your viewpoint on it, and so on.

But if you absolutely are letting writing a blog yourself stop you, don’t! Hire someone to write posts for you. You can pay as little as $2, or as high as thousands of dollars, but somewhere between $10 and $15 may do the trick. It just depends on how tough your niche is to write about. You won’t get a very high-quality article for $2, that’s for sure. And you may need more research than a $15 an article writer is willing to do. So, what you pay is really up to you. The important thing is to find someone you can work well with and who is dependable.

Make sure that your keyword is in your title, and that you use it early and often in your article, too. Just don’t overdo. About 2% keyword density is considered appropriate now. That means don’t stuff keywords into your post, just to get the search engines to visit. The search engine experts think that Google’s using something called “latent semantic indexing” or LSI to spider content now. That means they’re looking for keywords, but they’re also looking for words and phrases that surround your topic. In other words, don’t have “Britney Spears” as a keyword because people search like mad for it. If you have that keyword, your site had better be about Britney Spears.

Google decides their hierarchy by what they call “page rank.” By meeting the keyword requirement, updating your site often, making your site bigger, etc., Google will give you higher ranking. The higher your page rank, the higher your page will appear in the search engine results pages, in most cases. That means more traffic.

But search engines frown on duplicate content, so don’t post to your blog and then take the very same thing and upload it to a bunch of article directories. Why is this bad? Because search engines want the most unique results they can get for the people who are searching. They don’t want the same article coming up in the first page of their results. So, just completely rewrite your article, if you want to use it for directories, too. Otherwise, only one page will get the benefit of your work and it may not be you.

What will work for you is the fact that blogs are the darlings of search engines. Why? Because spiders can crawl them easily, they’re usually indexed quickly, too. Plus, every post is considered to be another page. So, post every day! The more pages a site has, the higher its page rank will be. That means, the higher it will be in the search engine results pages and the more your site will be seen.

Also put a call to action at the bottom of each post you make that’s hyperlinked to your squeeze page. Include your keywords in that phrase, too. Now, you’re getting direct click-through traffic to your squeeze page. Awesome! Make your blog better every day and watch the traffic grow.

Natural search or what they term “organic” search traffic is great, but it takes a while to build up. But there are other search engines you may not be aware of. They’re specifically geared toward searching for blogs. One of the oldest is Technorati at http://technorati.com. If you have a blog and haven’t “claimed” it at Technorati, it’s probably a good thing to do. Your site will be indexed and ranked, and you could pick up an audience, too. The more people who like your blog the higher it will rise in the rankings.

There are other less “interactive” blog searches, too, like Blogsearch. Google.com or IceRocket, but there are many more. List your blog with as many as possible.

But the interactive sites are very popular right now. I’m sure you’ve heard of MySpace and YouTube, or you’ve been hiding in a closet somewhere. These sites bring traffic, but there are hundreds of sites that will have the same effect, if you get involved in what’s called “Web 2.0.”

StumbleUpon: When you write a post, you can “StumbleUpon” it. Give each of your pages a StumbleUpon vote and watch your traffic soar. To get to that page, rather than just the first page of your blog, you’ll need to click on the post’s title (if you’re using WordPress) or click on a link that says “permalink.” That will take you to a page with the precise post number included. StumbleUpon those each time you post.

SpicyPage: This is somewhat like MySpace in that you’ll have people asking to be your “friend,” or you can find friends of your own. SpicyPage is different than Digg or StumbleUpon in that you can include not just your blog postings in your profile, but your web sites as well. Make a lot of friends, get lots of votes for your site, and your traffic will climb.

Digg: Digg was created mainly to mark news stories for its members–news stories of interest. Well, when you post to your blog, that’s news right? Unless you’ve posted nothing but a picture or silly nonsense or random musings, Digg will accept your vote for other people to see what you’ve voted on. Be sure that your post is an article, though, or your page might be “buried.” You don’t want that.

Most of these sites work the same way or similarly to the sites above. Others include Furl, Reddit, and RawSugar, but there are hundreds. Sign up for as many as you can, and each day enter your posts into as many sites as you can. The more you enter, the more your traffic you’ll get to your blog.

One more way to get traffic to your blog would be:

Wikipedia: This online, user-generated encyclopedia is an incredible source of incoming traffic, if you can meet the editors’ requirements. At the bottom of every post is a section called “Other sources,” and this is where you’d enter the link to your blog. Just be sure that you’re providing quality information in that category and that your site isn’t commercial.

All of these sources will bring tons of traffic to your site. They take some time to set up, but many of them have toolbars or buttons you can put right on your browser to make submitting easy for you. The whole thing is to be consistent.

Add good information to your blog, and then be sure to favor your posts every time you make them in as many places as you can, and you’ll be amazed at the traffic you get.

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