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Buying a home is a major investment no matter which way you look at it.

Many people look to foreclosed homes-(Named REO or Repos)-as a less expensive way to buy a home. In many cases, a repo, or foreclosure is a viable choice.

The first step is to download my current active list for the Hidalgo County. Just put in your name, email, and optionally your cell number.

Once you follow the instructions and find a home in your area and price range... Then Contact Me and let me send you more information to guide you on the way to purchasing a foreclosed home. It is different than a regular used home, and there a few traps that you need to know about.

You can connect with me on Facebook. is my FanPage or my personal account is

Connect with me so I can help you with any questions, or call my hotline at 956-614-0001  24hr/7days voice recorder and I will be alerted on my iPhone and call you back ASAP. Good Luck hunting for a great foreclosure home.

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