Marketing Your Home Online

marketing your home online

The single most important aspect of a home sale is the proper marketing of the home.

In years past this was largely accomplished by putting a “For Sale” sign in the front yard and hoping that some people would notice your sign.

Marketing has come a long way in the past few years and has developed into an entity of its own. Your home now has the ability of being marketed to a worldwide audience and can attract more viewers then ever, if you have the right agent. There are a number of tools that the real estate agent can employ to ensure the best possible coverage for your home. After all, there is a lot of competition out there.

The primary weapon in the agent’s arsenal is the website. Internet marketing has taken over the real estate industry and agents who aren’t web savvy are being left behind. The web is likely the first place your property will be seen by almost every buyer that comes to view it. An established and cutting edge web presence has become an absolute necessity for the REALTOR® who wants to be at the top of the game. This is not to say that traditional marketing is not a necessity, it is.

Once your home has been established on the area’s MLS listing service, the agent can then set about marketing your home via other media. This includes the local newspapers, flyers and sales & marketing packages.

Open houses can also be used to show off your property. This is where the sales packages come in handy. Open houses not only show your home off to prospective buyers, but more importantly, they show your home off to other REALTOR® agents who have a wider array of buyers.

Your agent needs to be well versed in HOW to advertise on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+. These are the MEGA sites where combined 96% of all traffic come from. Yes, there are over 200+ sites for Real Estate to be posted on, but my experience has shown them to have a trickle of traffic.

The main real estate sites pick up the MLS (Multi Listing System) data automatically. So when your REALTOR® agent activates your listing in the system, the big 3 pick up your data instantly.

Those sites are Zillow,, and Trulia.

These 3 hold over 91.8% of all the traffic. So you home will be marketed anyway to all the Majors in the Real Estate arena.

Where the “rubber hits the road” in using an agent that truly understands Internet Marketing is one, like myself, that actually PAYS to Market online with the Social Media Giants.

What you don’t see is the WAY your home is marketed. IT IS NOT by blasting pictures of your home all over the websites and spamming people to death.

There has to be a SYSTEM in the way you “attract” people off the Social sites and into a “funnel” to move them to a relationship status.

The only way to present your home is to the Buyers that want to buy a home like yours.

In other words. If you have a 2 bedroom, 1 bath home – And I, Joe Buyer, wanted a 4 bedroom, 3 bath home – I am NOT interested in your home, and if your agent is blasting me with ads, over and over, I will get irritated.

Understanding that people do not want to be sold in the Social websites is a HUGE mistake that most Agent commit. It’s no wonder that only 8% – 12% of ALL the available properties, for Sale in the County, are SOLD.

Now location, price, and condition play a huge factor in the fact that only around 10% of available properties are SOLD each month…

…but this is a fact that I bet your Agent did not tell you.

Your home can be sold, but the act of finding the right buyers is KEY to a successful transaction. Also, your right buyer may not be in the market when you want to sell. The beauty though of online marketing is being able to offer your home to the largest amount of people at one time. This was impossible a few years ago. The Internet has changed selling real estate forever.

As a Seller, you play a huge factor in the marketing of your home. You have to understand the ONE most IMPORTANT thing that will sell your home, and that is PRICING it correctly to the MARKET.

You and I can not change what the MARKET will pay for your home. This is a flux, an ebb and flow, of how Buyer perceive your home’s VALUE based on condition, location, and price.

These are all important factors in the greater plan for the marketing of your home.

Be sure that you find a REALTOR® who will give your home the exposure that it deserves!

I hope this short article has opened up your eyes to some of the options you have in the marketing your home online. If you are in need of an experienced real estate marketer, please contact me and let’s talk.

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