What Is Real Estate Marketing?

what is real estate marketing

What is Real Estate Marketing Exactly?

Without Marketing your product, you are going to have a VERY hard time selling it. This truism is the same in Internet Marketing, Marketing in Magazines, or even Television. Content is the heart beat of Marketing.
Content IS KING!

Unique Articles, Videos, Blog Posts and Social Media with interaction from people.

So content marketing is your unique value oriented content that serves and helps your followers. So if you want to market homes and properties, then you better create your marketing around giving great content about Real Estate.

People prefer to do business with people they have come to understand, like and trust. It’s all about creating trust relationships. Practice writing or creating good content to share beneficial tips, tricks, inside secrets and points of interest with your audience first.

How do I come up with good Real Estate Content marketing pieces?

The Internet runs on search engines. People sit down and literally type in words or phrases that they feel will lead them to solutions for a problem they have. They are seeking help to resolve a pressing difficulty, challenge or situation.

The goal of the content marketing would be to create certain types of content for them to consume. Here we look at types of content that offers solutions to your target audience’s problems.

  • The List Post – Create a list of books, tools, resources or any other thing that your market will find useful. I use this a lot on my website. Real Estate is almost a never ending assortment of “List Style Content”.
  • The How-To Post – Describe how to execute a process and use images, video or audio to enrich the post. Have you ever seen a “honey-do” list? Real Estate content screams “How To” posts. It never ends.
  • The Problem/Solution Post – This type of post has an easy format:-Define a problem -Present the solution.
  • The Research Post – Conducting your own primary research around a topic in your niche is one of the best ways to build blog content that gets attention.
  • The Check List Post – If the content you are delivering can be broken into a “checklist” it will often perform better.

These are just a few examples to get your thoughts going. Everyone is different, and mixing up the types of content marketing is best. Research further and find other ways to style your posts. People are busy and having a “10 Tips” type post lets them know it’s a short read, and consumable in short time.

Wonderful Writing That Serves Is Critical

What’s successful Real Estate Content marketing? It is the art and science of utilizing words and video to motivate people to take action.

The job of your content is to provide value people can use and move them towards generating a decision which is best for them from your experience or research.

Always deliver a win-win situation and write to instill trust, authority and credibility.

You need to always have the mind set of serving your audience or customers. Give so that you can receive.

The HARDEST part of this type of Real Estate Content marketing is to not be “salesy” or “pitchy” in your words. Help your audience by giving them the facts. You will be surprised how many will “Thank You” when they buy your products for taking the informative approach.

As an alternative of “Get Very Good Eats at Joe’s” – the concept would be to say, “This is Joe. Thanks for stopping by. Next time you’re close by the coffee is on me.”

Use stories and metaphors to inform and engage your audience.

Stories sell. Features tell.

Interruption marketing is exactly where you post advertisements anyplace and everywhere hoping someone might stumble across the ad and take notice. But, seriously. What do you do when a commercial interrupts your Television show? You change channels, right? Do not be that advertiser.

Think value proposition. Lead with value first with no recourse. Start “making a living via giving” first and foremost. Contemplate earning people’s business versus beating your chest and telling people how wonder your products are.

Real Estate Content Marketing is to write or create content that is an art along with science of persuasive motivation.

Provide solutions to pressing troubles. Provide free tips, tricks and insights. Offer you free instruction in exchange for their contact data and permission to follow up with them later.

Real Estate Content Marketing System Break Down

First, You must have a goal in mind. It can be a sale or rental of a property. It can be a sign up. It can be many things. Once you have the goal, then you must build that content, or create a place for a new contact to go and sign up and communicate with you. I use this Blog and Facebook.

One approach to leverage content marketing is always to produce a squeeze page. This can be basic page using headline and it provides an eBook or a form of information in exchange for a name and an email.

Next, you offer one thing of value in exchange for their contact information.get in touch with information. So a squeeze page is frequently the first point of contact so spend some time to come up with high quality information for free.

Next, you then provide the “solution to the problem” content to the subscriber. They read the content, and it should move them to check out your Facebook page, your website, your contact information, etc. Try to use language like, “For more information” click this link. You can also use hyperlinks to articles and blog posts you have written in the past.

Once you have given so much value to someone, they feel compelled to reciprocate and buy something from you. This is where you take them to the very first point I made in this section. What is the end game? What is it you want them to do? Gently move your audience toward a goal that they seek.

Show people you are real and can be approached via the method you choose. Ask if they have any further questions. Offer to talk to them if they do by contacting you. As I write this in 2015, too many “Goo Roos” are teaching people how to find a gazillion people and never talk to them. That my friend is impossible.

So does this work with “Cold Leads”? The answer is YES, if you build trust and have a conversation with them. The answer is NO if you hype it up and ask for a sale without them knowing and trusting you.

You Have To Be Consistent In Developing Great Content Marketing

What are your possible buyers and readers thinking about learning? What troubles or challenges are they at the moment facing? What potential options are they expressing? Once you have a list of the problems, solve them with blog posts and create your “assets” of solutions. Do not confuse the search engines with mindless jabber.

Think tips, tricks and inside secrets. Reviews and tutorials. Inside details and ways to improve their results. Concentrate on the most significant crucial benefit you offer and present that properly inside the headline. The follow through with much more advantages inside subhead.

Inform your reader what you will tell them, tell them, then summarize what you just told them. And constantly finish with call to action. Give them permission to move forward and ask for their business.

Assume “what’s in it for me” from the reader’s viewpoint. It isn’t about you and what you would like. Make you content and gives all about them and what they want.

Written properly, your content should engage the reader and gently guide them straight to a call to action exactly where they are literally compelled to move forward. Construct trust, offer worth and it really is a done deal.

So what’s Real Estate Content marketing? What do you wish it to become? Accomplished properly it is possible to use a content marketing campaign to help you take your business towards the next level.

When you want to sell your home or property, give me a call or text me. I have been online marketing for years, over 20+ now, and can market your home with all my tools. Experience counts, and it really counts when selling or buying Real Estate.

I hope this information was helpful for you.
If you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
I understand many people don’t want “to be sold” by a sales person.

Not my style.
I GIVE as much information as I can to help you make informed decisions.

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