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Richard Womeldorf Social Links

Here are my links so you can come and hang with me online on cheap oakleys your favorite social site. Like and Comment on my Timeline posts, and please request to be a friend.

I will see you and communicate with you on the social site that you hangout at wholesale nfl jerseys the most.

I hang out on FaceBook the most, and post on my FanPage. (Links below)
I would say Twitter would be my next most frequent hangout. (Link below)

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Sellers – Do you want your property SOLD?  I thought so.

Marketing is “HOW” your property gets SOLD by getting the message in front of potential BUYERS. Online Marketing is what I do best.
I am a GEEK, cleverly disguised as a Real Estate Agent.
Social Media is my oxygen. I know the “game” of Attraction Marketing.

How Do My Social Sites Link Up?

Different people hang out in different Social Sites.

Some like Facebook, some like Twitter, and some like Pinterest, and on and on.

So as you see in my picture below, I make small posts that have a link back to my Main Site.

Then I use links and my “Link Wheel” cheap china jerseys technology to drive traffic Wholesale China Jerseys to my other websites and on to your listings.

After years of crafting websites that are “seasoned” in the eyes of Google, I use postings to many sites to gather the “eyeballs” of potential buyers of Real Estate. It’s this funnel effect that I use to find Buyers.

I Don’t SELL Real Estate – I MARKET Real Estate!

Take this “Social Web Link Wheel” strategy and couple it with my “Info Line” that works 24/7 in your front yard and you end up with my powerful marketing service for you – The Seller.

In today’s Society, having a web presence is crucial. If you are Marketing online, then the use of Social Media is an Absolute Necessity. Older styles of advertising has congela dried up and are but a memory of days gone bye.

The “Market” is constantly cheap jerseys moving and flowing.

Reach out to me in which ever platform you use the most. They are all oakley outlet different, just like the wonderful people using them. Have a great day, and when you are ready to decide on using my services as your Agent….You can always find me first on FaceBook.

facebookMy Personal Account: Personal –
My FanPage Training: FanPage –

twitterI love Twitter and have had an account since they started.
Twitter –

youtube_icon11Like many, I spend a lot of time on YouTube.
YouTube –

google_plusI have learned a lot with this group of marketers.
Google+ –

linkedinI have so many business associate friends on LinkedIn
LinkedIn –

pinterestI post large pictures of mindmaps and stuff here.
Pinterest –

instagramI post to Instagram also. Connect with me.
InstaGram –

flickrI love photos of food and sunrises.
Flickr –

I hope this information was helpful for you.
If you still have any Uberlândia questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
I understand many people don’t want “to be sold” by a sales cheap oakleys person.

Not my style.
I GIVE as much information as I can to help you make informed decisions.

You can communicate and find me on my social links – Connect with me.


TEXAS LAW requires all license holders to provide the Information About Brokerage Services form to prospective clients. Download and Review Here!

I am a GEEK that is cleverly disguised as a Real Estate Agent. I do not SELL Real Estate. I MARKET Real Estate Online and Offline. Use my 20+ years of Valuation Services to suggest the correct price for you as a Seller. As a Buyer, my experience in pricing Real Estate is your ticket to saving money when purchasing. Investors love me because of the years working with REO and Foreclosed properties. Contact Me – Let me help you today!