The FSBO Bare Minimum Home Maintenance Plan

The FSBO Bare Minimum Home Maintenance Plan

The bare-minimum home-maintenance plan

How are you at completing tasks that are important, but not urgent?

For a number of us, we comprehend that taking excellent care of our biggest asset (our house) is very important, however property upkeep requires time and energy and it's simple for those tasks to get pushed back as our days fill with all the active ingredients of contemporary life: Work, family, school, sports, walking the dog, daily tasks.

Days become weeks, weeks develop into months and before you realize it, it's been years because we paid attention to the four walls around us.

Homes are durable, strong and trusted. It's simple to forget they require care and attention too, similar to your car, your body and your mind.

If, like me, you lead a busy life, here is a list that will keep your home in decent shape. Call it the 80-20 home-maintenance program:

Bare-minimum home-maintenance plan:

1) - Wash your home every year or more. This can stop moss from growing and assists take care of your paint task. If you are out-sourcing this job, ensure you request a softer wash if your paint-work is nearing completion of its life.

2) - Clear the gutters once a year. Obstructed and non-performing spouting can be a disaster.

3) - Keep trees away from the property. This stop rodents from entering into your roofing, enhances the quantity of sun you get and safeguards your seamless gutters and paintwork.

4) - Paint the outdoors if it needs it. Every 8-10 years for plaster homes particularly.

5) - If you have a fireplace, get it inspected each year to make sure it's safe to use. Some insurance policies insist on this.

6) - Purchase a home ventilation system together with the best insulation you can afford. Keep your home healthy and dry. Ground moisture barriers are a budget-friendly and under-rated addition also.

7) - Check that your house insurance coverage is up to date. If your insurer uses a 'sum-insured' value then review this quantity every year or 2 to make certain you will not be left short-handed if the worst possible circumstance happens. Try looking for an online replacement-cost calculator, or speak with your favored regional valuer for recommendations.

8) - Take a walk! It's simple to go months without having a close look at every part of your home. Slowly walk the outside of your house, every 3-6 months, trying to find any indications of fractures, damage, or blocked drainage. It's an excellent idea to do this on a windy and rainy day so you can see if gutters are loose or over-flowing too.

There you have it. The lazy property owner's guide to upkeep!

If you need ideas for a trades person to complete the jobs above, don't hesitate to contact me. I can typically supply you with a contact in my database or point you in the ideal direction. It's all part of the service I provide home owners. I understand you don't want to use an Agent to SELL your home. In the off chance you are buying, I can help you as a Buyer's Agent and save you a lot of time and usually money also.

If you are considering moving in the next 3-6 months and aren't sure which maintenance tasks to prioritize, give us a call. It's a question we love talking through with our customers and it's important to invest money in the right locations to increase your price.

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